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Save by Beating Deflation with Inflation!

And to save by beating deflation, I mean inflate your tires!  Honestly, who wants to spend their hard earned money on tires for their car?  Really…Who buys a new set tires and run to show them off to their friends?  That’s right; Nobody.  Wouldn’t you rather spend your hard earn money on fancy toys or clothes?  Or just save money perhaps?  But it’s one of the most important part of the car.  It’s the only part that touches the ground!  I suffered from laziness lately, and insufficient tire pressure is costing me in several different ways. 

1) Tire Wear - Due to insufficient and uneven tire pressure, I will have to replace my tires prematurely.  Although lower tire pressure gives more traction for the car which can be good, more traction means more wear.  Once the tires are worn, no low enough tire pressure can safely help you.  And new tires mean saving less money towards my goal.  (DO NOT be cheap and over-inflate your tires.  This can make your car handle unsafely.)

2) Gas mileage - I don’t typically drive my car hard, so I’m getting pretty good mileage as is.  But every little bit of saving helps.  Having lower tire pressure can increase traction for the car, but MPG suffers as a result.  Too much traction will make the car work a lot harder than it needs to be.  This is especially true when cruising on the highway.  I know my miles/gallon can easily be improved just by making sure I have the correct amount of pressure in my tires. 

3) Insurance - Luckily, I do not drive unsafe or too fast, so my tires have not cost me here yet.  Without proper tire pressure, a car can be unpredictable in adverse weather.  Living in Seattle, it’s pretty wet much of the year.  Bad tires can easily make the car lose traction and result in a collision on wet roads.  Not only would the car need to be fixed, the premium hike on the insurance as a result from the accident will be costly.

I’m promising myself to check my tire pressure at least once a month.  Only 3 minutes a month and my tires could have easily last twice as long.  Huge saving/work ratio.  Do yourself a favor, learn from me, and do the same!

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