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Buy Sale Stuff in Bulk

With the holiday season coming to an end, lots of stuff are on sale. Rather than just focusing on clothes, toys, or other junk, spend some time looking for some necessities.  For me, it was stocking up on some breakfast stuff.  It makes perfect sense since I eat it every morning.  I love cereal, so when I see it on sale, I buy a lot.

Here’s what I had before going shopping (count them, there’s 20 boxes):

Here’s my amazing girlfriend holding some of what I picked up to add to my collection:

For $2.19 a box vs. the normal $4.39, you better believe I’m picking up a bunch even though I already have a lot at home.  Not all cereal go on sale at once, so I check the cereal aisle each time I step into the grocery store to grab the ones I’m running low on.  Just to throw it out there, I refuse to pay over $2.50 for a box of cereal, and I buy only the brand-named stuff.  Yes, I can tell the difference after eating them for 20 years…  I know for a fact these will NOT go to waste since I go through a box per week and have plenty of time before they expire. So for ~$5 after adding in a gallon of milk for $2.79 each week, I feed myself breakfast for a whole week. Talk about an effective food-to-cost ratio! Also, they make a great after dinner snack if you happen to get hungry after.

Whether it’s toothpaste, toilet paper or whatever, if you have no doubt that you’re going to use it, buy it in bulk when the sale is amazing.  Why wait?  You will end up needing it anyways.  I usually buy enough to cover myself I can comfortably guess the next sale for that item will come.  As much as I am for not spending to save money, get to shopping for real NEEDS!

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